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The Bradford Armature Winding Company has advanced expertise and knowledge when it comes to gearboxes. We have been long been associated with the supply of gearboxes and geared motor combinations.

We have partnerships with many different manufacturers across the United Kingdom with our most significant partnerships being Pujol, Leroy Somer and SEW Eurodrive.

Furthermore, if a customer requests a different manufacturer to be used we will happily offer other manufacturers.

Additionally, we have offer a service where an experienced technical engineer from Bradford Armature Winding Company will come down to visit your site and inspect it to discuss specific application requirements for your industry.

We will identify and suggest the most cost efficient and cost effective solutions to your problems.

We can now offer complete packages, often within 24 hours, comprising:

  • Electric Motor – ac or dc.
  • Gearbox – inline, bevel helical or right angle worm and wheel.
  • Speed Control – inverter drive or dc controller

We aim to offer the complete drive solution and be the best service provider.

We stock and distribute many different brands, including Emerson.
We stock and distribute many different brands, including Leroy Somer.
We stock and distribute many different brands, including SEW Eurodrive.
We stock and distribute many different brands, including Pujol Muntala.
We can supply many different motors with different efficiency ratings including IE3 premium efficiency,
The Bradford Armature Winding Company has years of knowledge and experience in gearboxes.

Contact us

Would you like to contact us regarding our Gearbox services? You are more than welcome to either drop us an email or give us a ring.

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    Rewinds & Repairs

    The Bawco repair facility is managed and staffed by a dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers.

    Our motor repair capabilities are extensive and enable us to carry out overhauls and rewinds to a vast range of motors: AC or DC, Fractional HP to large industrial, Single or multi speed, Safe or hazardous area, etc.

    Energy Surveying Service

    The Bradford Armature Winding Company Ltd has also offers an energy monitoring surveying service for clients.

    Our specialities include the ability to monitor the efficiency of your current motors to ensure they are running as economically as they could and we provide a report of the results as well as suggestions for improvements.

    Inverters & Control Gear

    BAWCO is a stockist and distributor of Leroy Somer & Mitsubishi inverter drives. We carry a large stock of inverters and have next day access to larger Mitsubishi and Leroy Somer drives.

    Offering inverter solutions to a variety of application specific problems with the full support of the Leroy Somer & Mitsubishi technical team.