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BAWCO is also able to offer a unique and informative service called the Energy Surveying Service.

How it works:

  • A member of Bradford Armature Winding Company’s specialist engineers will visit your business.
  • He/She will assess the area, your current setup and your current efficiency levels.
  • A free report will be developed where you will be able to assess detailed information about your current energy usage and environmental impact.
  • The report will also contain ways of reducing your operating  costs as well as suggestions on how to get the most out of your currently installed motors.

Please contact a member of our team via telephone or email to enquire about this service.

The Bradford Armature Winding Company provides an energy surveying service for its customers where a member of BAWCO's technical engineers will visit your site to assess the energy impact and suggest improvements.

Other Services

Rewinds & Repairs

The Bawco repair facility is managed and staffed by a dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers.

Our motor repair capabilities are extensive and enable us to carry out overhauls and rewinds to a vast range of motors: AC or DC, Fractional HP to large industrial, Single or multi speed, Safe or hazardous area, etc.


BAWCO has long been associated with the supply of gearboxes and geared motor combinations and has developed an excellent track record of service.

Our most significant partnerships are with Nord, Yilmaz and SEW Eurodrive. We will, of course, offer other manufacturers as specified by the customer.


The Bradford Armature Winding Company Ltd has manufactured bespoke transformers for over 30 years.

Our technical department is always available to discuss your requirements for: Panel transformers, Metering transformers, 3 Phase transformers, Power tool transformers, Line chokes.