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Repair or Replace?

Following a recent request to repair a couple of GEC 75kw 4 pole motors, we provided our customer with options. The original motors were over 30 years old and spare parts obsolete, with estimated running costs over £80,000 annually per motor. These motors could, of course, be repaired and put back into service. 

Our customer, however, was interested in longer term sustainability and life-time running costs.
We were able to demonstrate and justify that replacement with modern Brook Crompton IE3 motors would show a payback in around 12 months.

The motors were available from our stock in the same British Standard frame size as the originals. We modified the terminal box position to the side, avoiding the need for costly new cable runs, and fitted roller bearings at the drive end as required,
The process was completed within 3 working days.

Our attention to detail and communication with customers enables us to provide the best solutions. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss electric motor repairs or replacements. We will happily provide supporting data for expenditure justification processes.