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EcoDesign Changes

Introduction of EcoDesign Regulation [EU] 2019/1781 Soon, the current ecodesign regulation will be changing. On the 31st June 2021, [EC] 640/2009 will be replaced by [EU] 2019/1781 and will be delivered over 2 stages. This regulation applies to motors sold and imported in the EU but not to those exported to overseas. Motors exempt from the new regulation: high voltage…

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Large DC Overhaul

Large DC Overhaul 1 x Cear 600 HP DC Motor1 x Brusatori 150 HP DC Motor After collecting the motors from site, they were both dismantled, inspected and cleaned, all necessary components were tested, commutators were skimmed and undercut, and new bearings and brushes were fitted. Both motors were then reassembled and tested once more before being swiftly returned to…

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